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VLSICore deals with VLSI design on SoC / ASIC / FPGA design flows. It includes,

  • Digital Logic design, Full-Custom/Semi-Custom design.
  • Microprocessors, DSP, Telecom more.
  • Technology: 32nm, 20nm, 14nm and beyond.
  • Foundry: TSMC, GF, UMC, IBM, Tower
  • Standard / IO Cell library preparation, Intellectual Property [Memories, SRAMs, DRAMs, PCI, USB, Audio/Video CODEC], VDSM/UDSM.
  • Verilog, PLI, VHDL, EDIF, System Verilog, SystemC
  • Design Entry, Simulation, Formal Verification, Synthesis.
  • Floorplanning, HF Net Synthesis, Placement, Clock Tree Synthesis, Routing, Physical Verification, RC Extraction, DFM, OPC, Tape-Out.
  • Shell, Perl, Tcl, Python, Tk/Tix, Scheme, C/C++, API, ...
  • Analog design, SPICE, Simulation, RF, PLL, High Speed CMOS, MEMS, ...
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing)
  • EDA: Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor, Magma, ATopTech, Oasys, Xilinx, Altera, Atmel, ...
  • Open Source EDA tools, Open Source : ASIC design and technology.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

FTF - Freescale Technology Forum 2012

Freescale Technology Forum 2012 - Powering Innovation
FTF: Powering Innovation
Developed with the embedded ecosystem in mind, FTF's unique environment of innovation and collaboration enables you to merge your bright ideas with Freescale technology and power your innovations forward.
Join us at one of our upcoming global events and experience the industry's most extensive technical training and networking opportunities that FTF is known to deliver.

FTF 2012 Global Dates

FTF Americas June 18-21 San Antonio, Texas
FTF China August 14-15 Beijing
FTF India August 23-24 Bengaluru
FTF Japan October 22-23 Tokyo

FTF Attendee Benefits

  • Expand your knowledge: Access invaluable content through highly technical training sessions, hands-on workshops and visionary keynote speakers.
  • Elevate your embedded designs: Get hands-on inspiration with the latest solutions from Freescale and its ecosystem partners in the Technology Lab.
  • Connect and collaborate: Network and exchange ideas with application engineers, product experts, peers, media, analysts and executives.
  • Inspire your innovations: Take home the knowledge and insights to power your next bright ideas.

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David Warner said...

It is difficult getting hold of this type of equipment. I would get in contact with this company. They provide something that no one else can offer. IC Design

Do r Die said...

i need vlsi project support-----------

anagha ghosh said...

A unique platform to learn VLSI Concepts and discuss the doubts with Industrial expertise.